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About BridgeDoc

BridgeDoc was founded by Kelly Wheeler, a licensed civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in all facets of public works construction, and is Vice President/COO of an engineering consulting firm that specializes in construction management of local agency projects. As both creator and customer of BridgeDoc, Ms. Wheeler has a vested interest in making the product as relevant as possible and understands the need and solution. 

Our Mission

The BridgeDoc mission is to maximize productivity, standardization, and compliance of document control systems, allowing construction managers to focus on ensuring quality construction. BridgeDoc increases clarity, efficiency, completeness, and compliance in document control, contract administration, inspection, and construction management of public works construction projects. 

Why BridgeDoc?


Industry Specific to Public Works

BridgeDoc was designed for Public Agencies and Consultants, not Contractors. We know that you need a different workflow, one that's simple and easy to use for both field and office staff. That's why our nine modules provide the basics required on every project from $100k to over $100m. 

Document Control Standardization

When Systems are complex, no one uses them the same way. Our modules are easy to use and help you standardize your document control system. Documents are stored and tracked consistently through all projects, making it easy to find critical information when you need it.


Increased Staff Efficiency

Are you tired of losing staff time to hours of organizing and closing out projects, or worse, searching across multiple locations and platforms for where information is stored? BridgeDoc's native workflow makes it easy to keep track of all your documents and includes simple one-click, organized export of your project documentation, saving your office engineers and managers countless hours of time. 

Funding Compliance

Federal and State funded projects require complete and accurate documentation. BridgeDoc's core project administration tools help your team remain audit-compliant at a moment's notice. 

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